Friday, May 14, 2004

____ and Adoration in Las Vegas

What is the opposite of fear? I'm don't buy that it's bravery, not in this context. I feel like it's more like titillation, or even fetishic desire. Whichever it is, that's how I feel about Las Vegas. It gives me the warm feeling of returning to a lover. A lover that has spurned you multiple times, stolen your jeans, emptied their pockets, kicked you in the head and leaves you on the ground smelling like cigarettes, cheap booze, vomit and strippers. But it's all worth it for that one time that crazy gal hands you a scotch, takes you into her arms, caresses your face and whispers those sweet words into your ears... 'Dealer busts.'

I felt slightly cyborgish when I was packing for this 4 day trip. Besides the clothes; the electric toothbrush, phone(with charger), camera(with charger), mp3 player(with charger) goes with me. I'm thinking about bringing the laptop, but I don't think I'll get that much use out of it staring at the pretty Keno balls through a drunken haze.

Hopefully, this trip won't be the one that sees me dead or incarcerated and I'll see you all on Wednesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all that gadgetry in tow, it's no wonder that those people in the airport pointed at you and said, "COMPUTER." Don't forget to play my numbers. I feel lucky, but not as lucky as Vegas will be when it has you back in her grasp.

6:37 AM  

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