Friday, June 04, 2004

Dream Log

The potent combination of a drunk dialing Fiona, Maker's Mark and 'Lawrence of Arabia' ensured the return of my dreams. Pretty dull though.

It begins in the desert. I'm wandering around lost until I meet someone that tells me they are filming a movie. Relieved I head that direction, until I see a group of crocodiles, playing with this weird smaller insect/reptile thing. The dream is interrupted by a nice discovery style documentary that explains to me what the things are (basically food, but they talk a lot, constant yada-yada). I avoid the crocs and end up at the O.C.

My parents and Fiona have already beat me there. Fiona tells me about her flight, apparently she caught this really good movie 'Mafia' at the airport. 'Mafia' unlike what you would expect is actually about the black struggle and leadership. She reminds me that she flies back out at 3pm on American West 153.

All of us go to some family get together, and at some point we have to head to the airport. My flight is at 11pm, but I head in anyway. During the downtime I watch 'Mafia'.

I wake up, and excitedly tell Fiona my dream. I am amazed when she explains to me that she was dreaming of 'Mafia' too.

Then I really wake up.


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